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Essay Mania is an essay writing service based in the United Kingdom that offers to produce all kinds of written assignments for students. However there’s an abundance of essay writing services available and without reading a review, it’s hard to know if this is one you can trust or if it’s a scam.


All you need to do is login to make an order, and the services provided are prolific. You can select from a whole bunch of options such as essays, literature reviews, term papers or dissertations. You can also choose from a massive variety of subjects – anything from architecture to technology or tourism. You can use UK spelling, not just US. The question we have is, is Essay Mania legit? Because, it’s hard to believe that they can offer so many different services unless they’re a really massive corporation with hundreds of staff. review


There are so many options available that it’s impossible to believe their staff are experts in every area. The website states that the writers hired are either master’s or PhD level, however there are no guarantees that they are qualified in the field they write about, or that they are native English speakers. These two factors have a huge impact on the quality of a paper.


A basic paper, a 3000 word undergraduate paper that is ‘premium quality’ – though it’s not explained what that means – would cost £182.30. This is not the most expensive available, and there’s a space for a discount code or coupon if you are able to find one to save money. However, it’s not entirely clear what you’re paying for, as you aren’t guaranteed a specific grade.


There is a live chat window available for however when this flashes up with a message, it seems a little robotic, and not at all like a human is answering the messages. There’s a phone number available, but no email address or physical address. Potentially the most concerning aspect is the fact that the Facebook page hasn’t been updated in more than six months, and there are no comments from people who have used the service.

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