Probably a foreign company with unqualified writers
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While you may want to read more reviews, my advice is to find an alternative essay writing service, and avoid this one at all costs. Not only is there little customer service, but prices are high and there are no guaranteed regarding the grade you get, or the skill level and experience of the writers. I’m not at all confident that you would receive a quality paper or reliable customer service when you use EssayEmpire.


Having had mixed experiences using essay writing services throughout university, some friends and I decided to start writing a review for services that we come across, so future students have a better idea of what’s safe to trust, and what is potentially a scam. Today, we’re asking: is Essay Empire legit?

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Services Offered by Essay Empire

Essay Empire are pretty generic in what they offer, they don’t specify one subject, type of paper, or academic level. This seems great to start with, however unless they have an absolutely huge staff, it means that their writers can’t be fully qualified in all the papers they write. You can choose a UK or a USA dictionary which is useful, but you can’t pick what grade you want, which is less helpful. review


You can choose between standard or premium quality, however there are no indications about what this means. If you’re studying in the United Kingdom, then you’ll be used to a 1st class, 2:1, or 2:2 grade, however there is no guarantee that selecting premium service will guarantee you a 1st, or even a 2:1.


Prices for are pretty high, and they get higher when you opt for premium quality or a fast turnaround time. For example, a business paper due in 5 days costs £167.11, but if you need it in 24 hours, then the price shoots right up to £202 – and that’s only a 3000 word paper. If your college asks for 5000 word papers, then you’d have to spend a small fortune. There is a space for a discount code, but I didn’t see a coupon or promotion anywhere.


When you order a paper you automatically create an account, so you can login again later for updates, further orders, or to make a complaint or ask for a refund. There’s an email address, a phone number, and a live chat window as well as links to social media, so it seems like there’s plenty of support available, however the chat window responses seem to be from a robot, and their Facebook page hasn’t been updated in the last year, so I’m not convinced they’ll have great customer service.

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    all info and testimonials on their website is made up.. also easy to see that some parts of it are exactly the same as at other low rated scamming site..


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    ALso disappointed with my paper and no chance for a refund


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