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Anyone reading this review probably wants to know the same thing: is Essay Ace legit, or are they a scam? As so many students need help from an essay writing service every year, but so many online businesses are ripping students off, some friends and I decided to look into services and write reviews that can help students feel safe and secure in the choices they make.

Services of Essay Ace

Essay Ace offers to write a whole range of papers on a massive array of subjects, but they don’t ask too many specific questions. They seem really keen to get basic details and take your money, as even getting a quote takes you to an order form where you buy now. They’ll offer a deadline between 6 hours and 10 days – but I think you’ll be getting re-sold work if you choose the shorter amount of time. This could be a flag for plagiarism when you hand it in. review


They guarantee a certain grade, along the UK university system, so you can pick a 2:2, 2:1, or a 1st. I’m not sure how they can guarantee these grades though, as different universities across the United Kingdom can grade things very differently. Plus, there are absolutely no reassurances at all that your writer will be a native English speaker, or even have a degree or any kind of academic background, which is worrying.


The prices for aren’t too high, and there are links everywhere for a discount code or a coupon. But this is kind of worrying in itself, as you do have to spend a certain amount of money if you want something good. Including the 15% discount advertised, I could get a 2:1, 3000 word paper in 5 days for £132 – and I’m just not sure that I’m paying enough to get a decent writer.


There’s a phone number, a chat window and a contact form, however the chat window seems pretty robotic, and I don’t like using contact forms rather than a real email address. What’s most surprising is the fact that there are no links at all to social media, which is bizarre for an online business targeting 18-25 year olds. To me, this implies that they don’t plan on engaging with customers, and it would be almost impossible to get answers to queries or refunds. When you login, there are no personal services that you can access.

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