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We can only conclude that students would be a lot better off if they found an alternative essay writing service. We can’t recommend at all, and don’t think they should be trusted to get you good grades.


Having read some reviews for Coursework Spot, we decided to look into and write a review ourselves, so we can help students make informed decisions regarding their education. Anyone can get overwhelmed and need help, and when that happens, you need to make a choice of which essay writing service to choose. As there are hundreds to choose from, it’s important to research: is legit? You can weed out a scam service so you can be confident in where you place your business.

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As coursework spot only asks for a word count, a grade, and a deadline when you first login, it’s hard to tell what services they actually offer. A trustworthy website would allow you to select a subject from a list – that way you can tell what they’re qualified to write about, and then pick the kind of assignment they write, like an essay, a literature review, or a lab report. As this website asks for none of this information, it’s clear they’ll accept any business they get, whether they know what a UK student needs or not. review


The design of the website, layout and written content isn’t very professional, and it looks like a pop-up. They don’t appear professional, and while they use a lot of adjectives, they don’t really provide any guarantees to the customer. They don’t say what plagiarism checks they use, or whether they’re the same as the ones most universities in the United Kingdom use. They also don’t say anything at all about the qualifications or native language of their writers.


There are some discount codes and coupons available, but even without them prices are pretty low. For example a 3000 word paper at 2:1 level with a 5 day turnaround costs £143.88. When you subtract a discount from that figure, it’s almost too cheap to be reliable, as you do need to pay more for an expert who can write a quality paper.


There’s a live chat window which seems robotic, and the social media links on the page don’t lead anywhere, so if you need help, support, or a refund, you have a very slim chance of getting it. Actual support from a human customer service agent seems impossible.

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    Completely rubbish service and company. It’s not even a company I think, but some individual who resides somewhere in Asia or something and scams people overseas. You will NOT get any kind of academic paper from here, only something downloaded from the Internet and completely plagiarized, just so they can shut you up, you will NOT get any appropriate answers from support after submitting your payment.

    Stay away from this site. It’s only purpose is to charge money and get away with it.


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