Low quality of produced work, problems with support reps and revisions
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To summarise, there’s a lot of features of this service that Coursework Empire could improve on. With sky-high prices, inconsistent quality and an absence of quality support options, you’d be much better off taking your business elsewhere.


If you’re like many students in the UK, you’ll already be well aware of the fact that there aren’t’ enough hours in the day. After you’ve gone about doing your lessons for the day, went to your extra curriculum activities, hung out with your friends and even went to your part-time job, when are you supposed to have time for your essays?

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It’s no wonder more, and more students are turning to services like Coursework Empire. But, with so many of these services to choose from, could this be the one for you?


I was really disappointed to find that the services page actually linked to a site map, instead of a services link. Having a search on the website, it seems to me that Coursework Empire only focuses on completing coursework and can provide a handful of about 20 related services.

courseworkempire review

These include essays, term papers and case studies to name a few, meaning some students may be forced to take their business to another site if they can’t find what they’re looking for.


Things don’t get much better. Scroll down to the homepage, and you’ll find a collection of single-sentence testimonials that don’t really go into detail about the service. These reviews are also not dated and therefore could be years out of date.

Searching online, the reviews told a different story. There are many claims that the service produces low-quality work that’s unsuitable for an academic hand-in and many students said their work was full of spelling mistakes and errors.


You can either make your way through the order process or use the tables on the pricing page to work out a quote for your assignment and how much it’s going to cost you. The price depends on the academic level you want, times by the preferred deadline times how many pages you need.

courseworkempire prices

To give you a rough idea of prices, a platinum quality assignment with a three-day deadline will set you back £14.99 per page. This is such an expensive service, especially when you’re only getting 275 words per page.


Heading over to the contact page, you’ll find a support email address, a live chat feature (which is available on every page) and an email form.

There are no phone numbers, no social media links, no Skype address or anything that can get you in instant contact with the company. This means you might be left waiting for hours for a reply, even if you need them urgently.

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    I lost money, time, grades… nerves… They have no respect for their customers and are just awful.


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