Not cheap as advertised, students are sent to 3rd party website
  • Rating - 4.1/10


In conclusion, the very name of the website is not true since the services aren’t any cheap and it only goes downhill from there. Very over priced for what you get and with very low discounts available, there are much better alternative sites for you to use.


The first impression of this UK writing service is their name. Cheap implies that the quality can be sacrificed. It’s not a good first impression, and something about the use of the word cheap is worrying.

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Reviews are the best way for students to find out if Cheap Essay Writing Service is legit. Our below review will tell you everything you need to know about whether or not is reliable.

The Services Offered

Cheap Essays Writing Service offers a huge range of essay types across all academic levels. However, you won’t find that information on their services page which is just the home page re-written. Instead, you’ll have to go to the order form and check through the list of available options to ensure they offer what you are looking for. review

The Support Offered

There is the option for support through the live chat on the site. There is no United Kingdom telephone number provided, nor is there an address that’s located anywhere in Britain.

The live chat can be used once you login. It is reasonably informative, although the agents are very much geared towards selling to you and can be a bit short with you if you have a lot of questions.

The Pricing

Cheap Essay Writing Service is anything but cheap! An 1100-word graduate level argumentative essay came in at over $80 (the fact the price is in dollars on a UK site isn’t great either).

The discount codes offered by coupon aren’t anything special; 5% on 5-50 pages, 10% for 51-100 pages and an unimpressive 15% on orders over 101 pages. It’s unlikely any student will need more than fifty pages when just four pages is over a thousand words, so discounts are probably only for mass buyers only.

The Quality

This website is one of the better quality ones, although it still features its share of awkward grammar and it’s not very user friendly. The pages are just the same information over and over again and the order button takes you offsite which is the big sign of some manipulation.

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