A bit overpriced service with not the best quality
  • Rating - 5.1/10


All in all, Assignment Empire provides a basic service for quite a high price. For our liking, the prices are a bit too high which means you couldn’t use it as a regular service and there are much more affordable and high-quality services out there.


Do you ever feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day? Weekends seem to fly by when you’re in school, college or university and during the week, you don’t want to do more schoolwork, so when are you supposed to complete your set essays and homework?

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The answer? Custom essay writing services. These services, such Assignment Empire, set out to help you free up your time by completing essays on your behalf. However, is this the godsend you’ve been looking for?


Since there is no dedicated services page on the website, just a load of meaningless and repeated content, you’ll have to head over to the order form to see a complete list of services that are on offer.

As you see using the drop-down menu, there about 30-35 services available in total ranging from the basic standard essay writing service all the way to presentation creation. There are, however, a few key assignments that we’d like to see on the list.

assignment empire review


We were rather disappointed to see that there weren’t any testimonials or review pages on the website, so we could evaluate the quality of the service, forcing us to search online.

On some forums, and sites like TrustPilot, we found some pretty average reviews, about 3-4 stars.


Using the pricing page to work out an accurate quote is a bit of a nightmare as the calculator doesn’t have all the paper variable options that you’d want to use. It’s much more accurate to use the actual order form to work out your quote. prices

As a guideline and an example, a standard essay, written to a Premium Master’s quality, single-spaced and with a four-day deadline will set you back around £320. This is a fairly high price for this kind of service, making it certainly not suitable for a regular service. However, first-time buyers do get a 15% discount.


There is only a handful of contact methods the website offers for access to its support team. Using the contact page, you’ll find that there’s a basic email form you can fill out and a single email address which handles all queries.

There’s also a UK mobile number and a live chat feature on every page. However, it would be nice to see a collection of dedicated email addresses. Also, it would be better if there were social media profile links and even a Skype contact name.

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