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Before anyone can be expected to hand over money for a paper, they are entitled to read honest reviews about the service. Essay Writing Service UK says it will produce quality essays, but you may want to read this honest review we’ve provided before you go ahead and place your order.


EssayWritingServiceUK offers to produce all kinds of written content for students, including essays, literature reviews, or even proofreading or marking the work you’ve done already. You can pick the grade you want, and the deadline you’re looking for too. They will provide work for levels like high school, undergraduate, all the way up to PhD. You can simply login and make an order whenever you need it. The question is whether essay writing service UK is legit. review


As offers to produce papers in only 24 hours up to 2500 words, you have to question the quality of papers that are produced in such a short amount of time. Plus, there are no guarantees on the website regarding the qualifications or level of experience of the writers. While you pick the grade you want, it’s not clear how that is guaranteed.


This is by no means a cheap service. While they claim to use transparent pricing systems, it seems like an undergraduate paper at a 2:1 level would cost £125, but that is actually the price per 1000 words, and most papers would be 2 or 3 times that much. Plus, this would only be available to organised students who have ordered ahead of time, if you’re in a rush, you’d need to pay more. Unlike a lot of other websites there is no discount code or coupon available that can help knock the price down.


There’s a live chat window which seems like a good way to communicate, however this is largely robotic, and won’t provide you with much actual help. The address provided is in the UK but there is nothing linking the business to that address using online maps or directories. There’s a phone number for the United Kingdom, however there’s no guarantee that you’ll find someone helpful on the other end of the line.


While there is no evidence that this is a total scam, you can definitely find a less expensive alternative with more reliable guarantees for the quality of work you’ll get. You should have a guarantee that your writer is a native English speaker and highly educated, and you don’t get that here.

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